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Suitable for

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Flood control
  • Industrial wastewater treatment & reuse

Submersible Grundfos SL sewage pumps (1.1-11 kW) are fitted with an S-tube® impeller. The free passage through the pump varies from 50-100 mm depending on size.


Non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal pump designed for handling wastewater, process water and unscreened raw sewage. The pump is designed for intermittent and continous operations in submerged installation. The revolutionary S-tube® impeller provides free spherical passage of solids up to 100 mm and is suitable for wastewater with a dry matter content of up to 3 %. A unique stainless-steel clamp assembling system enables quick and easy disassembly of the pump from the motor unit for service and inspection. No special tools are required.

Product Specifications

Moisture sensor: with moisture sensors
Water-in-oil sensor: without water-in-oil sensor
Liquid temperature range: 10 .. 40 °C
Density: 998.2 kg/m³
Rated flow: 38.3 l/s
Maximum flow: 64.4 l/s
Rated head: 6.5 m
Type of impeller: S-TUBE
Max. Particle: 100 mm
Primary shaft seal: SIC/SIC
Approvals: CE EN12050-1
Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B2
Cooling jacket (Yes/No): N
Pump housing: Cast iron
EN 5.1301 EN-GJL-250
Impeller: Cast iron
EN 5.1301 EN-GJL-250
Motor: EN-GJL-250
Range of ambient temperature: 0 .. 40 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
Type of outlet connection: DIN
Size of outlet connection: DN 150
Pressure rating for connection: PN 10
Maximum installation depth: 7 m
Auto coupling: 96090995
Frame range: C
Power input P1: 4.8 kW
Rated power – P2: 4 kW
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Rated voltage: 3 x 220-240 V
Voltage tolerance: +10/-10 %
Max starts per hour: 20
Rated current: 16.6 A
Starting current: 113 A
Cos phi – power factor: 0.72
Cos phi – p.f. at 3/4 load: 0.63
Cos phi – p.f. at 1/2 load: 0.50
Rated speed: 1464 rpm
Motor efficiency at full load: 87.4 %
Motor efficiency at 3/4 load: 87.1 %
Motor efficiency at 1/2 load: 85.0 %
Number of poles: 4
Method of start: SD
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): IP68
Insulation class (IEC 85): H
Explosion proof: no
Built-in motor protection: THERMAL SWITCH
Power cable type: LYNIFLEX
Length of power cable: 10 m
Net weight: 166 kg
Gross weight: 187 kg