Hydro MPC F 6 CRI 20 7
Hydro MPC-F 6 CRI 20-7
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Hydro MPC-F 6 CRI 20-7

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Suitable for

Water Treatment Fertigation, Chemigation & Dosing
Controls & Digital Groundwater Management
Drip, Micro Spray & Soaker Hose Irrigation

Booster systems with frequency converter control

Hydro MPC-F 6 CRI 20-7

Pressure booster system supplied as compact assembly according to DIN standard 1988/T5.

The pumps are CR(I) pumps connected to one external Grundfos CUE frequency converter. The speed-controlled operation alternates between the pumps.


  • Hydro MPC-F maintains a constant pressure through continuous adjustment of the speed of the pump connected to the CUE frequency converter.
  • The system performance is adapted to the demand through cutting in/out the required number of CR(I) pumps and through parallel control of the pumps in operation.
  • Pump changeover is automatic and depends on load, time and fault.

The system consists of these parts:
:vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, type CRI 20-7 with one external frequency converter.

  • One pump is frequency-converter controlled; the others are mains-operated (start/stop)
  • CRI pump parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel.
  • CR pump bases and heads are of cast iron; other vital parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Pump bases and heads are of either cast iron/stainless steel (CRI) or cast iron EN-GJS-500-7 (CR), depending on pump type; other vital parts are made of stainless steel EN DIN 1.4301.
  • The pumps are equipped with a service-friendly cartridge shaft seal, HQQE (SiC/SiC/EPDM).
  • Two manifolds of stainless steel EN DIN 1.4571.
  • Base frame of stainless steel EN DIN 1.4301 up to CR 64. Above CR 64 the pumps are placed on a galvanized C-profile frame.
  • One non-return valve (POM) and two isolating valves for each pump.
  • Non-return valves are certified according to DVGW, isolating valves according to DIN and DVGW.
  • Adapter with isolating valve for connection of diaphragm tank.
  • Pressure gauge and pressure transmitter (analog output 4-20 mA).
  • Control MPC in a steel cabinet, IP 54, including main switch, all required fuses, motor protection, switching equipment and microprocessor-controlled CU 352.

Dry-running protection and diaphragm tank are available according to the list of accessories.

Pump operation is controlled by Control MPC with the following functions:

  • Intelligent multipump controller, CU 352.
  • Constant-pressure control through continuously variable adjustment of the speed of each individual pump.
  • PID controller with adjustable PI parameters (Kp + Ti).
  • Constant pressure at setpoint, independent of inlet pressure.
  • Soft pressure build-up (To prevent water hammer during startup).
  • On/off operation at low flow.
  • Automatic cascade control of pumps for optimum efficiency.
  • Selection of min. time between start/stop, automatic pump changeover and pump priority.
  • Automatic pump test function to prevent idle pumps from seizing up.
  • Possibility of standby pump allocation.
  • Possibility of backup sensor (redundant primary sensor).
  • Secondary sensor (Possible to switch to another sensor/setpoint).
  • Multi-sensor (up to 6 sensors to influence the setpoint).
  • Manual operation.
  • Possibility of external setpoint influence.
  • Log function.
  • Setpoint ramp.
  • Possibility of digital remote-control functions:
  • System on/off.
  • Max., min. or user-defined duty.
  • Up to 6 alternative setpoints.
  • Digital inputs and outputs can be configured individually.
  • Pump and system monitoring functions:
  • Minimum and maximum limits of current value.
  • Inlet pressure.
  • Motor protection.
  • Sensors and cables monitored for malfunction.
  • Alarm log with the previous 24 warnings/alarms.
  • Display and indication functions:
  • Colour screen display.
  • Green indicator light for operating indications and red indicator light for fault indications
  • Potential-free changeover contacts for operation and fault.
  • Grundfos bus communication.

It is possible to add CIM communication modules for communicating with Scada/BMS.

Pumps, piping, cabling complete as well as Control MPC are mounted on the base frame. The booster system has been preset and tested.

There are options to upgrade the pressure boosting system.

Product Specifications

Flow media: Water
Allowed liquid temp.: 5 °C .. 60 °C
System pressure max.: 16 bar
Flow (Plant): 174 m³/h
Nom. current of plant: 85.8 A
Nominal power: 7.5 kW
Net weight: 997 kg


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