Foot Valve FV
FV-NL-G5/4 PV/V,E/C U3
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FV-NL-G5/4 PV/V,E/C U3



Grundfos Foot Valve FV-NL-G5/4 PV/V,E/C U3

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Grundfos Foot Valve (FV) excluding Level Switch, c/w weight, strainer (mesh size 0.8mm) and non-return valve. Dosing Capacity Maximum: 460 l/hr Housing PVDF/Gasket FKM,EPDM/ Valve Ball Ceramic FV-NL-G5/4 PV/V,E/C U3


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Product Details
Manufacturer Grundfos
Product code (SKU) 99168636
Product Model Grundfos FV-NL-G5/4 PV/V,E/C U3
Performance Data
Data 1 Max Pump Capcity: 460 lt/hr
Data 2 Pump Connection: G5/4
Data 3 Pipework Connection: 19mm or 20mm
Material Housing: PVDF Gasket: FKM/EPDM Valve Ball: Ceramic


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