97751545 SD M PV E C 1
Kit, valve/diaph. SD-M-PV/E/C-1
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Kit, valve/diaph. SD-M-PV/E/C-1



Grundfos Kit Valve / Diaphragm 15-4, 12-10,17-7 PVDF/EPDM/Ceramic

Kit, valve/diaph. SD-M-PV/E/C-1

Grundfos Valve and Diaphragm kit for SMART Digital dosing pump DDE-15-4, DDC 15-4, DDA 12-10 DDA 17-7 for head material PVDF/Gaskets EPDM/Valve balls Ceramic SD-M-PVDF/EPDM/CERAMIC

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